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Pokemon Universe

Name: Pokemon Universe
Remake by: Black Yagami
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDcp1u-t9bw
So in this game, It’s based on Pokemon Extreme. When I made this video, it was beta 1 and I think the creator didn’t change the logo. Ok, let’s see about the storyline, we can have a new storyline. Your starter is Riolu, you can receive Charmander and catch Pikachu in the wild. So you can see Suicune, it’s legendary Pokemon from Johto. Your Rival is Gary and Ash, but I just see Gary. Maybe you can face Ash in the completed version. And more and more rivals such as Steven, Gold,… and Plasma Team. So because it’s beta 1 so it has more bugs. I hope we can have a great game in the completed version.

It is about the trip of Red, That when starting his trip with Ash & Gary when leaving Town Paleta finds out that the Plasma Team walks in the region, when being with Maximum Steven, Who informs him on said enemies, throughout of his trip he meets a small charmander, who his mother has just been kidnapped by Team Plasma, who have traveled to Hoenn, Red, Ash & All the protagonists of the games, in addition to other champions go in search of the super team formed by TeamPlasma, TeamRocket & the 2 Teams of Hoenn, Throughout Kanto, Hoenn and Alola.



Download Pokemon Universe Beta (Beta)

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Download Pokemon Universe Beta CIA (Beta)

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