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Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower

Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower
Name: Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Skeli- (Skeli789)
Source: Click here
This month’s special distribution for the Unbound Battle Tower Demo is Hoopa-Unbound! This Hoopa-Unbound comes with a Darkinium Z and it’s Hidden Ability exclusive to the Borrius region, Portal Power! It can be used in the OU, Uber, and No Restrictions battle formats, and it’s sure to be a powerful asset for your team! Just leave through the entrance of the Battle Tower and talk to the green deliveryman to receive this Pokemon!

Updated Graphics: All of the Fire Red graphics have been updated to Gen IV styled graphics. This includes tiles, overworlds, sprites and even battle backgrounds.
Updated Pokemon: All Pokemon from Gens 1-7 will be available in the game. The Fairy type is also present in the game. They will all have updated movesets and abilities to closely resemble the ones found in OR/AS or Sun and Moon. New evolution methods have also been added in order to closely resemble how the Pokemon truly evolve.
Updated Mechanics: General improvements to gameplay to enhance the player’s experience such as the Physical/Special split and Mega Evolution, as well as a BW Repel system and X/Y capture experience.

• Eggs Hatch at Level 1
• Day and Night System
• Sideways Stairs
• Running Indoors
• Trainer Facing
• BW2 Repel System
• The Physical/Special Split
• Mega Evolution
• New HMs such as Rock Climb and Dive
• Hidden Grottoes
• Decapitalization
• IVs and Natures Highlighted
• XY Capture Experience System
• Inverse Battles

Original Release Date: July 1, 2019
Update Date: July 2, 2019
Completion: This is a demo version which allows you to play exclusively in the Borrius region’s Battle Tower. It is currently still missing Multi Battles and a “second” planned battle facility which will be released at a later date.
Update: Bug fixes.

Pokemon Unbound

Download Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower Alpha 1.0.4 (Beta)

—Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below—

Download Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower Alpha 1.0.4 CIA (Beta)

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