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Pokemon Red Rumor

Name: Pokemon Red Rumor
Remake by: NobodySociety
Remake from: Pokemon Red
Source – credit: https://hax.iimarckus.org/topic/7641/
Ok, This game is similar to Pokemon Red. And we can Pokegods, Mist Stones and Brick Town and cheat in-game. It’s GameShark item which you can cheat in-game. This game will have color from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Yellow. And more and more features such as PSS system, and more and more.

The story is largely unchanged from Pokemon Red, but He added in the unfortunately false pokemon rumors of the 90s such as Pokegods, Mist Stones, and Brick Town. Not all rumors made the cut (who wants to beat the E4 40 times or with a Caterpie, or program it??) and some methods to activating these old “codes” were made a little more understandable in the context of the game.



Download Pokemon Red Rumor v1.1 (Completed)

—Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below—

Download Pokemon Red Rumor v1.1 CIA (Completed)

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