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Pokemon Magikarp Jump RPG

Pokemon Magikarp Jump RPG
Name: Pokemon Magikarp Jump RPG
Created by: Presley
Source link/Author’s Website: https://reliccastle.com/threads/525/
So in this game, You must have Magikarp and you play. You will fish a Magikarp and train him. When he trains, he will faint and you must revive for him or do anything else. So let’s do it, have a battle with another Magikarp and become to Magikarp Jump Champion. It’s similar when you play mobile version but it’s RPG style. So Remember, The tall grass is so so dangerous because Pidgeotto and some pokemon will attack your Magikarp and … You must start up again.. lol… It’s so so fun. and I like this game.

Magikarp Forms
The ability to purchase Pokémon
Familiar faces from the community
“State-of-the-art” battling system
At least 1 hour worth of content

Involves a whole lot of backtracking, if you’re into that.
You can talk to your invisible Pokémon from time to time
Pidgeotto freezes up the game sometimes

Pokemon Magikarp Jump RPG

Download Pokemon Magikarp Jump RPG (Completed)

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