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Pokemon Fire Black

Name: Pokemon Fire Black
Remake by: NesLeo
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: http://www.pokemontrash.com/club/rom-hacking/(gba)(fr)-pokemon-fire-black/?PHPSESSID=sv2b95dk65cn8g4vmnaggodnt5
The story is an alternative version of Fire Red Pokémon. In this version, Kanto is under the yoke of Team Rocket and the whole region is submitted to him. The hope rests on the shoulders of Professor Chen, secretly affiliated with a resistance organization: The Dracologues. Indeed, the latter and the arena masters want only one thing: that one of Chen’s new trainers become the savior of Kanto and prevents Giovanni from continuing to gain power and influence.
Will you walk in the footsteps of the Dracologues? Will you be seduced by the unscrupulous methods of Team Rocket? or will you be the only master of your destiny?

Graphic changes have been applied.
– The Pokémon statistics screen has been improved.
– Trainers and Arena Champions are all redesigned and more powerful.
– An alternative scenario is proposed.
– Some maps and events have been modified and new characters have been added.
– A new Pokémon League is proposed.
– CTs are unlimited.
– The starters are different.
– The national Dex is available from the beginning.
– The shops are modified.
– Pokémon of the first 3 generations are available and their locations have been redesigned.
– Unique Pokémon are implanted including two fakemons.
– Some Pokémon 4g and are available (Riolu, Lucario, Magirève, Noctunoir, Maganon, Togekiss, Dimoret and Elekable.)
– Some pokémons have undergone modifications .

Possible modifications:
– a double type is added. (Ex: Tortank is of type Water / Soil, Charizard Fire / Dragon, Oniglali Ice / Spectrum …)

– the stats are slightly increased (ex: Galopa, Akwakwak and others were considered too weak and are now more powerful …)

– the way of evolving has changed (ex: The evolved by exchanges are by level, some evolutions are different …)

– the attacks learned by rise of levels and the accesses to the CTs are modified.

Changelog Beta v0.6
The rom is playable until the end of the first post-league island. Although playable it still has many bugs and it will be restarted from the beginning to be able to start on fresh bases when the weather will allow him.

This game is non-English (French)!



Download Pokemon Fire Black v0.6 (Beta)

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Download Pokemon Fire Black v0.6 CIA (Beta)

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