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Pokemon Water Red

Pokemon Water Red
Name: Pokemon Water Red
Created by: theevilslime
Source link/Author’s Website: https://reliccastle.com/threads/689/
In This Game, It’s based on Pokemon Fire Red by theevilslime. Oh, Yeah, The storyline is Fire Red Storyline, Don’t change anymore about it. Anyway, The Great Feature in this game is alternate forms. We can’t have over 200 Pokemon in new alternate forms with new type, new abilities. About the music, We can have new moves such as Firebreath. Free Ray and more and more.

Around 200 Pokemon in new alternate forms. These range from simple palette swaps for some, to huge changes on others. This number will keep on growing as ideas spout into my mind.
New moves, such as Firebreath, Freeze Ray, Magmarock, Iron Slam and more.
Certain moves, which in the original FR/LG are awful, have been buffed or changed. Examples include damage-dealing Electric-type Flash, Giga Drain at it’s later-generation stats, Steel-type Cut and more.
New Evolution stones in place of previously useless items. (Seeing as one cannot trade Pokemon in this game, and Porygon’s type has been changed, there is no need for an Up-Grade to be in the game as an example.) All evo stones, old and new are available in the Celadon department store.
While fully playable due to essentially being FireRed version, not all trainer’s teams and wild encounters are finalized.

Pokemon Water Red

Download Pokemon Water Red (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Water Red CIA (Completed)

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