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Pokemon Untitled Unova Game

Pokemon Untitled Unova Game
Name: Pokemon Untitled Unova Game
Hacked/Remaked by: Azure Keys
Based on: Pokemon Crystal
Source link/Author's Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=421687
So maybe you can see the name. It's Unova, yeah, you can have a new storyline with a new region. It's similar to Pokemon Black or Black 2. Hmm, I think no, It's a handful of years after the events of Pokemon Black 2. So Pokemon, We can have 253 up to Gen 5 with 255 Moves from Gen 5. Fairy Type, Physical/Special Split in the game... well and You can use Running Shoes by the way holding B.. more and more features in the future.

Features include:
-253 Pokemon available, with a mixture of Pokemon from the first 5 generations (and 1 from Gen 6)
-255 moves, with a variety of selections across the first 5 generations (plus a few from Gen 6)
-Fairy type has been introduced in this game
-Physical/Special split for attacks is implemented
-TMs are infinitely reusable
-Running Shoes available from the start by holding B
-Repels can be re-activated instantly

This game is a demo, and may eventually include features not yet added.

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS Hacked. You should remember!

Pokemon Untitled Unova Game

Download Pokemon Untitled Unova Game Demo (Demo)

--CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below--

Download Pokemon Untitled Unova Game Demo CIA (Demo)

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