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Pokemon Bizarre

Pokemon Bizarre
Name: Pokemon Bizarre
Created by: MrGrossi
Source link/Author’s Website: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-59750/pokemon-bizarre-beta-1-1-a
Ok, in this game. Hmm, The author doesn’t show all features in this game so I will say some features I actually saw. Hmm So, you can have Pokemon up to Gen 7 with Starter from Gen 7. About Mega Evolution, I’m not sure because I just test with over 30 minutes but I think I like when we completed a chapter, the game will show the name of the next chapter. It’s similar when you play Visual Novel games.

About Music, I turn off the music when I made this video. Hmm maybe you know, It’s fanmade game and some copyrighted songs are included in this game. Graphics is Good. Hmm, I think I don’t want to say more about The Graphics because this game is pc game.

Pokemon Bizarre

Download Pokemon Bizarre Beta 1.1 (Beta)

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