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Pokemon Assassination

Pokemon Assassination
Name: Pokemon Assassination
Created by: PokyPole
Source link/Author's Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=408955
In this game, You can have a new region is Unmei Region. You can have new starters, It's Fakemon or Fusion Pokemon. Anyway, you can have Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 5 and 7 Pokemon from Gen 6. You can have Mega Evolution with Turbo Mode and Alpha Species. You know, I don't actually care all features in this game. But I just like because this game is hard. You will receive a start with lv 15 and you will come to route 2 and face wild pokemon with lv over 25! Wth... It's crazy. So because it's hard so I can't know more storyline.

Gen 1-5 and 7 Pokemon! Trying to enter gen 6 too.
Mega Evolution
Alpha Species!
Gen 5 Mechanics
Gen 6 Exp Share
Original Story
Some Post-Game Events
Original Sound Track
Quick Save
Turbo Mode
Different Way to Evolve Trade Pokemon
Mystery Gifts
And More...

Pokemon Assassination

Download Pokemon Assassination v1.0.4 (Completed)

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