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Pocket Trainer

Pocket Trainer
Name: Pocket Trainer - 口袋训练师
Created by: 上海极贝网络科技有限公司
Ok, Today, We will play An Online Game for Mobile, It's Pocket trainer and you can play on Android. And this game is so so heavy with the file size is over 700 MB. So now, Let's review something.

So I can say this game has awesome characters with 3D-style. You can choose the character from Pokemon Black and White. Then you can switch to Character of Pokemon Sun/Moon or Pokemon Red if you are rich. haha... So in this game, you can capture over 700 Pokemon with Mega Evolution and Z Moves, You can have PK and play with your friend. Anyway, music is good and the graphics are good too. And this game is Android Game!

Pocket Trainer

Download Pocket Trainer v5 (Android)

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