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Pocket Showdown

Pocket Showdown
Name: Pocket Showdown
Created by: 江西拓银科技有限公司
Ok, in this game, I’m so so excited when I found that game because it’s good. The Graphics is good and better then Pokemon TCG, hmm I think. Because when I played Pokemon TCG on PC or Ipad, yeah, the character isn’t from anime and it’s cartoon.. hmm So I don’t like that feature on Pokemon TCG from Pokemon Company. Anyway, in this game, you can choose Ash, Gary, Misty in this game and you can switch the character if you are rich… lol… Anyway, The gameplay is similar to Pokemon TCG on PC. Hmm, I think It just has a few differences from Pokemon TCG but it’s ok, don’t worry about it. So it’s Online Game and you can play with your friend.

Pocket Showdown

Download Pocket Showdown v1.9.2 (Android)

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