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Pokemon Windowsworld

Pokemon Windowsworld
Name: Pokemon Windowsworld
Hacked/Remaked by: Ebernacher90
Based on: Pokemon Crystal
Source link/Author’s Website: https://www.pokemoner.com/forum/d/164-pok-mon-windowsworld
So, I actually received an early version for this game. Now, What’s new? So when I play this game, when I choose the character, I don’t see any difference from Pokemon Crystal but when I start to play… Wow wow. It has a new map. Just little but it’s good :))) maybe we are not bored when playing this game. haha in this game, It has a lot of Fakemon or ??? more and more application Fakemon :))) so crazy, you can use IE4 and you can face MediaFire, Mega, Microsoft :)) Oh no way, it’s a crazy idea but it’s fun.

Beta 0.1 RC2
New changes included chromium but his name is still Pichu in rc3 it will be chromium
Beta 0.1 RC3 Fixed
New Fakemon UCBrowser and fixed wrong color

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS Hacked. You should remember!

Pokemon Red DX

Download Pokemon Windowsworld Beta 0.1 RC3 (Beta)

–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below–

Download Pokemon Windowsworld Beta 0.1 RC3 CIA (Beta)

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