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Pokemon Journey of the Chosen

Pokemon Journey of the Chosen
Name: Pokemon Journey of the Chosen
Created/Made by: KidFates
Source link/Author's Website: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-58973/pokemon-journey-of-the-chosen-completo-1-0-a
Ok, hmm this game... it's a great game... Great hmm or maybe I can say it's crazy :)))... Yup, I heard the author made that game in 5 days... :)) holy shit... It's completed now... hmm :))) no way boy. It's so so crazy. In this game... maybe you can have more puzzle hmm :))) if you don't like puzzle or game... I think you don't like it. But, don't worry, it's easy. About the music, it has creepy music... but I think it's sound good, l like :)) but maybe you will be scary... And the best feature in this game. So you can switch the character... Yup, I think it's the first time I see a game can switch character. It's great. :))) And I hope I don't receive any copyright about the song... I hope and I want to show it... I don't want to replace it with a free copyright song... It's Offline game!

What happens if you put two developers with crazy ideas on the same team? Well, that would leave the Journey, classic elements of Fates are present, as are the field magic and puzzles at the same time concepts of the Excelsis as the Vajira are present, in a game full of dynamics to be solved in each room, inspired in TLOZ.
Menu with artworks
Multi characters
Unique puzzles for each character
Original music.

Pokemon Journey of the Chosen

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