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Pokemon Giratina’s Legend

Pokemon Giratina's Legend
Name: Pokemon Giratina’s Legend
Hacked/Remaked by: Andrea – GL Team
Based on: Pokemon Ruby
Source link/Author’s Website: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-15737/pokemon-giratina-legend-alpha-0-51-available
Discord’s link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl2xr077TH8
Today, I will share and review a Great, maybe a Best Pokemon Hack Rom 2019 hmm maybe in my opinion, It’s Pokemon Giratina’s Legend by Andrea. It’s based on Pokemon Ruby. And now, Let’s go boy… hmm Chottomatte??? I don’t make this game, I’m just a fan and follow that project may be a long time :)) I think 6 years.

Ok, in this game, you can see, this game actually has tons of features… About Graphics, I can say it’s Great. maybe God… :))) I don’t want to say any more… but you can watch my video and If I don’t say this game is GBA rom.. :)) maybe you will think this game is NDS rom.. maybe Pokemon Platinum… BUT… Pokemon Giratina’s Legend is GBA Rom… But, maybe I’m so so sad because this game is based on Pokemon Ruby. Maybe when you choose an item, so you can’t see the icon. I don’t like that problem from Pokemon Ruby.

About Music.. hmm maybe don’t change more… But this game will have some songs from Pokemon Platinum… that’s good. hmm good ?? :))) if it isn’t not good hmm maybe it’s bad :))) lol… About Intro… well well. maybe you can easily see it… We have a new intro… :))) when we choose the character… holy moew moew… it’s crazy… It’s similar to Pokemon Platinum :))) well… I choose you! Best Pokemon Hack Rom 2019.

About Storyline, You are a character with the new region is Shinzo… And don’t try to Fast Forward when you play this game in the first time. Because this game has a New Storyline and I can say it’s Great… And more and more features in this game……

So, when I made this video, I was playing Alpha 0.5.1. It’s a Beta version and progressing. So in this beta, you can have 3 cities and 3 paths… and it’s Italian, but don’t worry about it. I heard this game will be translated to English… hmm not by Pokemoner.com but, I think people are from Whackahack.

So Remember! You should use VBA 1.7.2 to run this game. I actually tested with VBA 1.8.0 and it did not work. REMEMBER!

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS!

Pokemon Giratina's Legend

Download Pokemon Giratina’s Legend Alpha 0.5.1 (Beta)
Download Pokemon Giratina’s Legend Alpha 0.5.1 CIA (Beta)

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