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Pokemon Cycle

Pokemon Cycle
Name: Pokemon Cycle
Created/Made by: Juliorain
Source link/Author's Website: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=420482
Ok, in this game, maybe it's fun or troll game :)) we choose the character... haha.. maybe you can see, you don't have Gym or Elite four in this game... anyway, you can have more puzzles and ... Glitch Pokemon??? It's not a Glitch but it's a Glitch Pokemon :))) new form for Pokemon... You will try to clear all mission and your starter is Togetic and more pokemon :))) and Creepy Sunflore haha... OK, have fun!

-Pokemon from all generations appear, with Flabebe and Oricorio grass properly working
- About 100+ capturable pokemon
- New type of pokemon: Glitch Pokemon: they have random type effectiveness and stats; they cannot be captured, however
- 7 puzzles, and 6 boss battles
- All trade evolution pokemon evolve by level or having their trade item used on them
- Repeatable trainer battles
- Every encounter is scaled based on a formula, so no matter your pokemon's level there will always be some challenge

Release Changelog:
Release 1.03
- Fixed some bugs with the bosses not deactivating
- Fixed some bugs wit the fifth cave puzzle
- Fixed the final sequence activation
- Pokemon center warping crash in the glitchverse of Rewind City

Release 1.02
- Fixed a crash relating to capturing pokemon

Release 1.01:
-Fixed a few player appointment errors
-Fairy type moves in the pokedex, summary, and battle ui appear as normal
-Fixed a game crash relating to my game getting compressed badly
-Un-encrypted the game files

Pokemon Cycle

Download Pokemon Cycle v1.3 (Completed)

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