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Pokemon Nameless [1158]

Pokemon Nameless [1158]
Name: Pokemon Nameless [New Project by 1158]
Remake/Hacked by: Wind1158
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source: http://wind1158.blogspot.com/2019/03/pokemon-nameless-demo1pokemon-fire-red.html
Maybe, it’s demo version maybe he doesn’t try to set the name.. haha…. in this game, it’s demo version but I think it has a long playtime. With a new region is Cyenn and Tyron.. maybe you will know Tyron if you actually play pokemon resolute. Mega evolution, pokemon up to gen 7 with mega evolve in battle, no gym, no pokemon league… maybe with a half-open world… more and more

I so highly rate about the storyline in this game, It’s so good, If you want to play a game with a new storyline, I think you should play this game, but it’s just demo version and incomplete now but I think it will be completed soon. Don’t worry.

12 years ago, Altena, the general of Valo Empire had to leave her country with her daughter Chronya. She didn’t tell Chronya why they had to leave their hometown. The only thing Chronya knew was that she had a father who lived in Cyenn Region, and her mother decided to ask for his father’s help. However, they were attacked by Dark Workers, who were employed by the Valo Emperor. The emperor wanted to get rid of Altena forever. Altena fell into Dark Worker’s trap, Chronya had no choice, she had to jump into the ocean. She was saved by a young agent, this agent was called Gavin. To defend Chronya, Gavin gave Chronya his Pokemon. This is the beginning of Chronya’s journey…

New region — Cyenn Region and Western Tyron Region(Probably more, but I have to keep the secret for now.)
Pokemon from generation 4 to generation 7.
Real Mega Evolution — Except for Chronya’s first Pokemon, it’s special.
No Gyms — Battle Arenas takes the place of the Gyms.
No Pokemon League in Cyenn Region — The tournament takes the place of the Cyenn League.
You can decide on when to challenge the Cyenn Tournament by yourself.
Skills take the place of HMs, try to learn more useful skills.
Half open world(After the Shedir Town event).
You can decide on when to begin with the main storyline by yourself.
Black/White Repel System.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Nameless [1158]

Download Pokemon Nameless Demo 1.3 [1158] (Beta)
Download Pokemon Nameless Demo 1.3 [1158] Cia (Beta)

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