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Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese

Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese
Name: Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese
Created/Made by: qnguyen
Source link/Author's Topic: http://www.poke-mega.org/forum/showthread.php?67324-Pok%C3%A9mon-Emerald-Vi%E1%BB%87t-h%C3%B3a-(b%E1%BA%A3n-ch%C3%ADnh-th%E1%BB%A9c)
Yeah, Today, We will play a GBA Rom. Yeah, it's Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese by qnguyen... ok, let's seeeee

in this game.. yeah, maybe you can see, it's similar to pokemon white Vietnamese or black 2 Vietnamese. The language in this game is Vietnamese :))) that's all... LOL....... hmm no way... I just kidding you.. you can get more and more without Vietnamese. You can have some pokemon from gen 4 with mega evolution for your rivals :))) and you can't use it...... YEAHHHH, moew moew shit... you can't have it haha.... with PSS System and Fairy Type are actually included in this game. So I highly rate this game because this game doesn't translate about the name of moves.. That's good :))) I like it.

Ok, If you like Viet Nam or maybe you want to learn about Vietnamese, you can play this game... and I want to play more games with more languages such as Thai or korean.. or Portuguese ... if you have any original pokemon game with new language... so you can give it to me.. I will play it.. :))) thank you!

Fairy type
PSS System
New Moves
Some Pokemon are from Gen 4
Mega Evolution for Rivals
New Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese

Download Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese (Completed)
Download Pokemon Emerald Vietnamese CIA (Completed)

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