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Pokemon Emerald Genesis

Pokemon Emerald Genesis
Name: Pokemon Emerald Genesis
Remake/Hacked by: Hillsy13
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source: https://discord.gg/S8VgECS
Yeah, Today, We will play GBA Rom again. :))) hmm maybe at the weekend.. we will play an NDS Rom by me, Pokemoner. :))) let’s see, Today, the game is Pokemon Emerald Genesis. It’s based on Pokemon Emerald by Hillsy13. :))) Let’s see … hmm Remember to like or dislike XDDD

Ok, in this game… hmm what’s new? hmm it’s feature hack.. when you play a game, maybe you can see more and more object with purple color :))) lol.. yeah, that’s all. About music… hmm no, I don’t hear any new but we can have several custom songs… :)) but I don’t hear. Yeah, this game has Wonder trading, Ability Switcher, New Legendary Pokemon Events with 35 New Pokemon and 25 New Moves… :)) and have all poke balls from gen 4 to gen 7. Hmm, I think it’s great if you like poke ball. More and more small features so you can read at my post.

Re-Tiled Hoenn to give it a much-needed facelift.
35 New Pokémon from Generations 4-7.
25 New Moves from Generations 4-6.
2 Custom Moves.
All Poke balls from Gen 4-7 (Including Kurt’s Apricot Poke balls).
The game has been completely De-capitalized.
Fairy Type and the new type chart.
The Physical/Special/Status Split.
Running shoes indoors.
Generation 5 Repel System.
Reusable TMs.
Plenty of Palette swaps/updates.
An Item that Checks EVs/IVs.
An IV Perfecter and Ability Switcher.
Wonder Trading.
Increased Difficulty Curve.
A few slight alterations to the story involving a new character.
Buffs to several Pokemon and Moves that were previously had low viability.
Updated Battle Frontier Sets.
All 386 Pokemon available throughout the story.
Several custom songs.
Several New Legendary Events.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Emerald Genesis

Download Pokemon Emerald Genesis Beta 1 (Beta)
Download Pokemon Emerald Genesis Beta 1 CIA (Beta)

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