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Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced
Name: Pokemon Emerald Enhanced
Remake/Hacked by: Ryuhouji
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=416925
It’s Pokemon Emerald Enhanced by Ryuhouji. Let’s Do it.

In this game, we have tons of feature… Oh, My Moewww Woww…… It’s so so great. pokemon up to gen 3 with some new Pokemon such as Glaceon, Leafeon, Sylveon, hmmm and more :))) You can get level 125… Re-use TMs more time, Don’t have Fly HM now, :))) by the way, you can use Waystone. hmm, and more and more features with more text and I’m so so lazy to read :((( hmmm maybe you can come to my page and read it ok… ok c’ mon what’s the great feature in this game?

Soooooooooo, you can choose 4 modes in this game when you start: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nuzlocke… well well well… :))) I think more people like Nuzlocke… so if you like it, you can play this game. And the, it’s completed, right? Hmm, it’s completed with the emerald storyline but it will be updated more time to fix some bugs ok.

Select one of four modes to play at the beginning!
ALL opposing pokemon in the game are increased in level by 5 – 35 levels.
Gen4+ evolutions of Gen3- pokemon. See below for the full list.
Thanks to Egg’s engine; gen 4, 5, 6, and some gen 7 attacks, abilities and types.
Physical/Special split is fully implemented.
Fly has been fully replaced with the Waystone. This item also includes a submenu for Frontier locations.
Most instances of ALL CAPS replaced with Title Case and lower case where applicable.
Divergent Storylines! You can now choose to work for Aqua instead of devon, getting early access to groudon and other gifts. (Vanilla story still exists!)
Gym leaders now scale to the number of badges you have.
Rechallenge gym leaders as much as you want. They scale to the total number of badges you have.
Much more freedom of exploration- The player uses HM moves without having to have the HM, a badge, OR a pokemon with the move.*¹
Trainers give a LOT more money for defeating them, thanks to the super spike in difficulty.
The good TMs are available in the Lilycove market.
New starter choices: Beldum, Ralts, Gastly. These represent a fairly large move pool and allow pretty good diversification. This is subject to change based on input.
Customized Elite Four parties. They’ve been made to be much more challenging besides just hiking up level.
Customized trainer class names, for added flavor.
Rival and other npcs now part of the Relationship system. You can be friends, or sleep over to recover, and get gifts when they really like you!
Legendary birds and dogs are available throughout Hoenn. Look for Triangle shaped stones in the overworld.
Deoxys encounter achievable ingame. Steven used to leave a beldum for you in his house. Beldum is now a starter, so you can instead get the Aurora Ticket in his house, which lets you go to Deoxys’ home.
Jirachi available in Granite Cave after beating the Elite Four.
Mew available as a reward for… something
Fully progressed relationship with Dawn as male main trainer
Par for the course… Most of the 386 pokemon are available ingame (still needs testing) besides legendaries, which I’m doing custom encounters for.
New and improved battle UI. Some people will like it, others won’t. I like it so it stays.
General text box has been reskinned
Common interfaces have all been facelifted! (Party screen, Inventory screen, Start Menu, Pokemon summary screen, Battle screen, Marts, and some other misc interfaces)
Wild encounters have been more evenly spread out.
Trade evos have been changed to Level or Happiness so you don’t have to do any trading.
Gen 4+ battle hold items are in the game, but I’m working on adding graphics for them and ways to obtain them.
Premier and Luxury balls now have a reason to exist! Premier balls fall between great ball and ultra ball in performance, and Luxury balls are better than Ultra balls!
Explore music has all been shifted around, and unused tracks implemented… Better music variance in the overworld!
Training Center! Go to the Lilycove Training Center to supercharge your pokemon! EV reduce/add items for sale, groups of pokemon that award 3 EVs in specific stats, EV/IV checker!
New route between Fallarbor and Fortree for easier access to the rest of the game.
Buffed some weaker pokemon. While this makes the game no longer canon, the buffed pokemon are balanced and should see some more use.
Mirage tower is permanently visible, and all the fossil pokemon can be found there.
Level cap has been increased to 125
Jukebox ingame to change the default BGM you hear, including a Mute all BGM option.
TMs are permanent and re-usable
Poison no longer faints your pokemon when walking around in the field.

The new pokemon I’ve added to the game are as follows: (more in progress!)
Weavile (one of my personal favorites!)

Nuzlocke mode SHOULD be fixed now. Your pokemon will actually die when they faint. See below for full nuzlocke rules list.

Current Bugs:
My game, being as it is a custom compiled ROM, and not just a romhack, is incompatible with emulators that are not accurate to the original hardware. The game has been extensively tested on real GBA as well as the 3ds Virtual Console.
The only emulators known to support my game are mGBA(Has mac, pc, linux ports) and the very old VBA emulator, which is available as a download in my google drive. I should warn you that the old VBA is known to have exploitable buffer overflow vulnerabilities. I take no resposibility for anything that may happen to your pc -as unlikely as it is- should something happen. This is not something I can ‘fix’. I’m afraid if your emulator is experiencing black screen freezes, the only advice I can give you is… ‘Use a real emulator or real hardware’. Sorry for any inconveniences here. The game does work on some other emulators with mixed results. I only officially support the above solutions.
Using HM moves still shows your pokemon as if they were using the move. They’re not, this is a visual bug.
If you use the jukebox key commands, and then use the dpad to go behind the message box on the screen, the text will get a little scrambled. It’s a visual bug only, and the menu options below it still work. This is due to the tilemap
limitations of the GBA’s rendering engine. I may not be able to fix this. It is totally harmless, anyway. closing and reopening the start menu fixes it 100% of the time.

Nuzlocke Mode Rules:
Marts cannot be used.
Pokecenters can only be used three times each.
Pokemon that faint will actually disappear from your party.
If you have an empty party, you fail the challenge. You’re given a Nuzleaf and the game is switched to Normal mode.
Base experience is doubled, to offset the challenge of my game in nuzlocke mode.
You are given items and healed for free when you defeat a Gym leader.

About modes of play:
Hard mode is how my game was before this update. It’s vanilla experience gain.
Normal mode scales your EXP to the number of gyms you have beaten. It goes up by 12.5% per badge.
Easy mode is 4x base experience, for people who want to get through the game quickly to play at the battle frontier. Eventually, I will add a Frontier mode, where you start in Battle frontier and can use
rentals. I’m not sure yet how complicated this will be, but I will look into it after I finish writing my alternate story lines.
Nuzlocke mode is an even harder variant of my game, with enforced nuzlocke rules. See above for details.

Cia File is for nintendo 3ds!

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

Download Pokemon Emerald Enhanced v2.3 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Emerald Enhanced v2.3 Cia (Completed)

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