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Pokemon Blazing Emerald

Pokemon Blazing Emerald
Name: Pokemon Blazing Emerald
Created/Made by: struedelmuffin1
Source link/Author’s Website: https://sites.google.com/view/blazingemerald/home?authuser=0
Discord’s link: https://discord.gg/e5dKsaZ
O, ok, this game… :))) I can say it’s Pokemon Red… because you can see red color everywhere. and about the songs… So so great, A lot of songs are from Pokemon Platinum and Sinnoh… :)) So so so so great.. I’m so excited about it and I think you will like it. So in this game… maybe it’s feature hack rom and has a lot of features. So you can see EV IV, PSS System with some new pokemon up to gen 5.. I’m not sure but :))) Victini is from gen 5 right? And you can get a lot of legendary pokemon. and maybe changing more about stat and ability…

It’s completed version with the emerald storyline with new features. It will be updated in the future… I think

Clefairy and Clefable are the only Pokemon to receive a type change. They are now Dark type and support a great variety of new playstyles
Capable of running Phsyical, Special, or Mixed sets
Increased offensive capability
2 exclusive moves, Moonrazer and Starstorm
Is adorable

Our favorite mascot has received some love in the form of some much needed battle boosts
Increased Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense
Raichu offers even greater offense and bulk at the cost of lowered Speed
2 exclusive moves, Electroburst and Bolt Strike
Is incredible with a Light Ball

Awesome variety means you can pick Eevee every time and never feel bad about it
Glaceon and Leafeon are here to give you even more choices!
Increased all stats by +10 to help out early game
All Eeveelutions get a special move at level 50!
It’s Eevee

Burning Grotto and Shimmering Summit:

In the area outside of Rusturf Tunnel where you find the Blackglasses.
At the top you will encounter a shiny, event legendary. Upon defeat or capture,
you will get the gift of “incredible luck” meaning the next Pokemon you
encounter will be a guaranteed shiny Pokemon. This DOES work on Legendary
encounters like Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and any of the new encounters added.

**WARNING** The next Pokemon you encounter will 100% be shiny. This
means if you are caught by a trainer your shiny will be consumed by
them as they are sending out a Pokemon. Be extra careful if you want
to hunt a specific shiny!

Hidden Grove:

Past the Cut trees on the far right of Petalburg Woods is
the Hidden Grove. Inside you will find the Mew event, allowing earlier
access to the Pokemon if you want to use it on your team. Requires
Rock Smash.

Rusty Cellar and the Nightmare:

In Rustboro City you will find a new building. Once you have
obtained the Dream Orb from the Abandoned
Ship (requires HM08 Dive), you can return to the Rusty Cellar and use
the Dream Orb to begin the Darkrai Event.

Briny Trench and Verdant Enclave:

At the south end of Route 129
you will find a newly added Dive location. Entering will lead to a large
cave. After fighting through the cave you will reach the Verdant Enclave
where you can encounter Shaymin.


Manaphy will be hiding in one of several underwater dive
locations in the Ocean near Sootopolis. It is not a random encounter
and has a sprite that you interact with to initiate the battle. There
is only ONE Manaphy so don’t knock it out!

Seaspring Ruins and Wish Cave:

In the Ocean segment of Route 103 there
is a small cave you can enter. After defeating the Guardian inside,
you will be given access to the inner part of the cave. Within, you
will find Jirachi.

Crater Crag:

In the deepest part of Meteor Falls you will find an
incredibly powerful trainer. If you are able to defeat him, you will
be given access to a treasure room filled with extremely useful items
including a fully functioning Shiny Charm and a brand new TM to show

Secret Tunnel and Trader’s Den:

This is largely for fun playthroughs
and I would not recommend going here if you want to do a more serious
run. The Trader’s Den is accessed via inspecting the tile behind the
plant in the Mauville Game Corner. After that, press the red button on
the far left wall in the Game Corner. A hole will open where the floor
tile was that will take you in to the Trader’s Den. In the Trader’s
Den you can pay 10,000 Pokémoney to be given a random Pokémon at
level 5. This can be ANY Pokémon at all, even a legendary, which is
why I’d recommend it only if you want to have a little fun and get
a potentially crazy or unique Pokémon on your team early on.

Specialty Cove:

A brand new location just below Mossdeep City on Route 127,
the Specialty Cove is the perfect spot to do some EV training! There are 6
separated, small caves that each contain Pokémon that will give 3 points of
their designated EV. There are signs located outside of each of the caves that
will tell you which room gives which EVs!

Find Vito, the fifth Winstrate, in Victory Road!

New Pokemon
Shinx, Luxio, Luxray – Route 101 and 103
Ferroseed, Ferrothorn – Petalburg Woods
Yamask, Cofagrigus – Mt. Pyre
Buizel, Floatzel – Route 115
Riolu, Lucario – Granite Cave and Victory Road
Magmortar, Electivire – Fire Stone on Magmar, Thunderstone on Electabuzz
Gible, Gabite, Garchomp – Game Corner
Honchkrow – Murkrow with Dusk Stone
Gliscor – Gligar at level 35
Weavile – Sneasel at level 35
Roserade – Roselia with Shiny Stone
Togekiss – Togetic with Shiny Stone
Rhyperior – Rhydon with Link Stone
Mamoswine – Piloswine at level 40
Magnezone – Magneton at level 40
Glaceon, Leafeon – Leaf Stone on Eevee, Frost Stone on Eevee
Goomy – Route 119
Shaymin – Verdant Enclave (Event)
Darkrai – Nightmare (Event)
Cresselia – Crescent Isle (Event)
Manaphy – Random Dive locations around Sootopolis (Event)
Victini – Crater Crag (Event)
Armored Mewtwo – Part of quest. Roaming (Event)
Zangaro – Zangoose with Dusk Stone
Silviper – Seviper with Silver Scale
Magic Egg – Game Corner
And more!


Technical Machines can be used an infinite number of times.
Random Match Calls can now be disabled using the machine in Professor Birch’s Lab!
The Gen 4 Physical Special split has been fully implemented.
A brand new item, the Stat Scanner, shows you your party’s IV and EV values whenever you want!
Hyper Train your Pokémon at the Battle Frontier to give them perfect IVs!
An ability switcher in Sootopolis that lets you swap between the two abilities of a Pokémon!
An offline Wonder Trade machine you can use early on to get random, low level Pokémon for exciting teambuilding!
Some Hidden Machines have been buffed for ease of use. The changes are as follows:
HM01: Cut increased to 65 power from 40 and is now Steel type.
HM02: Fly increased to 100 accuracy from 90. Increased from 75 power to 90.
HM04: Strength increased to 90 power from 80.
HM05: Flash increased to 100 accuracy from 70.
HM06: Rock Smash increased to 40 power from 20. Effect accuracy increased from 50% to 75%.
HM07: Waterfall now has a 20% chance to cause Flinching.
HM08: Dive increased to 90 power from 60.


Trainer AI has been overhauled to be much more intelligent.
Steep, yet fair, difficulty curve. Important battles will be challenging without crazy level spikes
Since they are more challenging now, all enemy trainers and leaders will no longer use items in battle
The Hoenn Pokédex is now fully completable.
Trainers and gym leaders will use a much larger variety of Pokémon to make them feel more unique.
Exp Shares and PP Max’s can now be purchased at Trainer Hill and the Battle Frontier respectively.
Over a dozen Pokémon from later generations make an appearance!
All trade-based evolutions can now be done via a new item called the Link Stone.
Some stat tweaks to select few Pokémon to help put them more in line with the competition. Details on the exact changes can be found below.
The Game Corner now offers 3 unique Pokémon, Fire Stones, Thunderstones, Water Stones, and more!
A fully functioning Shiny Charm!
You will be automatically prompted to use another repel when your current one expires. You may also choose which kind of repel you would like to use.
New items and new item locations! Details can be found on the next page.
Modified and very useful new in-game trades! All in-game traded Pokemon will have perfect IVs.
Run indoors!

Visual and Audio

A fully functioning Real-Time Clock complete with an alternate Gold, Silver, Crystal version style night cycle that takes place from 6:00PM to 6:00AM. At night, the overworld will take on a darker hue and lamps will light up in several locations around Hoenn.
Color Coded Nature stat changes! A stat’s numbers will be written in red if it is buffed and blue if it is weakened.
All new tiles and color palettes in many locations!
Full and thorough de-capitalization! Only Secret Base decorations will remain in full caps.
Tons of new songs from the DS Pokémon games to add to the fresh, new experience.
Some Pokémon have been given updated sprites from future games to improve their appearance.
Cooltrainers now have new sprites that match their overworld appearance! No more magical hair color transformations!

Pokémon Stat and Ability Changes

Eevee – Abilities: Pickup (70%) Color Change (30%). All stats are now 70
Flareon – Abilities: Flash Fire (70%) Drought (30%). HP +15, SPA +15, DEF +20, SPD -20
Vaporeon – Abilities: Water Absorb (70%) Drizzle (30%). ATK +15, DEF +20, SPA +10, SPE -10
Jolteon – Abilities: Volt Absorb (70%) Speed Boost (30%). HP +10, ATK +35, SPA +15
Espeon – Abilities: Synchronize (70%) Serene Grace (30%). DEF +10
Umbreon – Abilities: Shadow Tag (70%) Intimidate (30%). ATK +15
Leafeon – Abilities: Chlorophyll (70%) Natural Cure (30%). HP +10, SPA +30
Glaceon – Abilities: Thick Fat (70%), Clear Body (30%). HP +20, ATK +50, SPA +30, DEF +30
Clefairy – Abilities: Cute Charm (70%) Trace (30%). HP +10, ATK +35, SPA +30
Clefable – Abilities: Cute Charm (70%) Trace (30%). HP +15, ATK +30, SPA +10
Pikachu – Abilities: Static (70%) Lightningrod (30%). HP +10, ATK +15, DEF +5, SPA +35, SPD -5
Raichu – Abilities: Static (70%) Lightningrod (30%). HP +20, ATK + 10, DEF +10, SPE – 25, SPA +40
Hoppip – Abilities: Effect Spore (70%) Hustle (30%). HP +20, ATK +10, SPA +10
Skiploom – Abilities: Effect Spore (70%) Hustle (30%). HP +20, ATK +10, SPA +10
Jumpluff – Abilities: Effect Spore (70%) Hustle (30%). HP +30, ATK +50, SPA +50
Ledyba – ATK +25
Ledian – ATK +35
Goomy – Abilities: Liquid Ooze (70%) Damp (30%). HP +75, ATK +30, DEF +55, SPE +20, SPA +55, SPD +15

Pokémon Learnset Changes (shown below are only the new moves added in)

Eevee – 8: Quick Attack, 13: Metal Claw, 18: Crush Claw, 23: Fake Out, 50: Superpower.
Flareon – 30: Flame Wheel, 47: Blaze Kick, 50: Blast Burn.
Vaporeon – 23: Aqua Jet, 30: Bubblebeam, 45: Hydro Pump, 50: Hydro Cannon.
Jolteon – 30: Spark, 45: Thunder, 50: Zap Cannon.
Espeon – 36: Extrasensory, 40: Psywave, 50: Psycho Boost.
Umbreon – 30: Swindle, 36: Moonrazer, 45: Crunch, 50: Doom Desire.
Clefairy – 1: Heavy Punch, 1: Metronome, 8: Defense Curl, 8: Rollout, 11: Jump Kick, 14: Swindle, 20: Flatter, 20: Psych Up, 27: Belly Drum, 33: Moonrazer, 41 Meteor Mash, 50: Starstorm.
Clefable – 50: Starstorm
Pikachu – 12: Iron Tail, 15: Thunder Wave, 20: Tail Glow, 34: Electroburst, 41: Extremespeed, 50: Bolt Strike
Raichu – 50: Bolt Strike
Garchomp – Can now learn HM02 Fly
Gliscor – Can now learn HM02 Fly
Jumpluff – 27: Bounce, 31: Needle Arm, Can now learn HM02 Fly
Ledian – 24: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch

This update introduces a whopping 10 new Pokemon alongside an introduction to the brand new Hoennian forms that will be featured in the hack

Pokemon Blazing Emerald

Download Pokemon Blazing Emerald v1.4 (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Blazing Emerald v1.4 CIA (Completed)

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