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Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition

Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition
Name: Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition
Remake/Hacked by: BlazingMagmar
Based on: Pokemon Soul Silver
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=347879!
So hmm why I play this game? Hmm yeah, I received a requesting from Austin Leger on Youtube. hmm and i knew that games a long time but it’s feature hack :))) yeah… I’m so tired to play it. But now, we have a request.. hm yeah, Let’s play it.

hmm When I was playing this game, you can see. I don’t know or you can’t see any change about this game. Because it has a lot of little change and you can’t notice…
OK maybe such as; Your mom will give the pokegear, All attacks have their movesets, power,… etc to gen 6, Movesets up to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, Using Covenant Orb to trade evolve,… more and more…

hmm yeah, This game has 2 version: Normal and Level Curves. With Level Curve, the game to be more streamlined. That’s all.

The changes:
-All pokemon use their new gen 6 mini sprites on the party menu.
-Your Mom now gives you the pokegear at the very beginning, similar to the original Gold and Silver
-Various cut-scenes in new bark town have been streamlined so you can get to Route 29 much faster
-All attacks now have their power,accuracy, etc updated to gen 6 standards.
-All pokemon have their movesets updated as close to UltraSun/UltraMoon as possible.
-Lyra has been replaced with Kris and is referred to as “Kris” by all NPCs. (sprites courtesy of Gregarlink10 @ deviantart)
-Both Game Corners at Celadon and Goldenrod have been restored to their original designs. (Voltorb Flip replaces the actual slots however. Game coins can be bought again ^^) In-game text refers to Voltorb Flip now instead of slots including NPC blurb.
-Coin Case is now located in Goldenrod Underground like in the Originals.
-Your mom now gives you the GB Player at the start of the game.
-Kurt now gives you your finished apricorn pokeballs immediatley after asking him to make them. Apricorns still have a 24hr respawn.
-Sneasel can now be caught at ice path BF3 & BF4 at Night. (Pokedex says area unknown but cant seem to fix that)
-All pokemon that evolve via trade with held items can now also evolve by just “using” the item on them. Trading with held item still works as a second option.
-Pokemon that require trading to evolve, can now also evolve by using a new item called “Covenant Orb”. (See Game Corner Prizes)
-Gligar and Skarmory are available in both games.
-Electabuzz can now be caught at Route 39
-Move re-learner will now happily re-learn a pokemon’s move free of charge.
-Razor Fang and Razor Claw can now be obtained at a house in Cinnawood City
-Up-Grade can now be obtained from a scientist a the safari zone’s Pokemon center
-Magmarizer can be found at Ice Path
-Electirizer can be found at Route 44
-Dubious Disc can be found at Route 26
-Protector can now be found at Victory Road
-Flareon now learns Flare Blitz instead of Fire Blast at lv 45
-Some Kanto and Johto pokemon have had their palette’s edited slightly to be more similar with the official artwork.
-Pokemon that had their base stats changed with the release of Gen 6/7 have been updated accordingly.
-Rattata can no longer be caught at Routes 30 and 31
-Weedle and Ledyba (in HG), and Caterpie and Spinarak (in SS) can be caught at route 30 and 31 but are much rarer. In addition, Zubat and Poliwag can also be caught on these routes at night. Gastly can be found on route 31 at night but is very rare.
-Houndour can now be caught at Route 48 at night. In addition, Hoppip can no longer be caught at route 48 at night but still can be caught there during the morning and day.
-Move tutors work for free now and have been moved from the Battle Frontier to the following locations:
-Cianwood City
-Lake of Rage (Magikarp Fisherman’s House)
-Pewter City
-A new more stabilized patcher that will check the rom’s checksum before patching.
-new sidequest with ruins of alph imported from sacredgold/stormsilver. – credit to Drayano
-28 brand new crafted sprites for all the Unown, done by your truly. 🙂

-Game Corners have their prizes re-adjusted accordingly:
Goldenrod City
-Top Vendor:
-TMs and Evolution Stones,
-Leaf Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, ThunderStone, – 1,000 coins.
-Moon Stone, Sun Stone, – 1,500 coins
-All TMs have their prices reduced by 25% approx
New Items: “Evolutionary Items”
-Woodland Ore: Evolves Eevee into Leafeon – 2,000 coins
-Chilled Ore: Evolves Eevee into Glaceon – 2,000 coins
-Voltaic Ore: Evolves Magneton and Nosepass – 3,000 coins
-Covenant Orb: Evolves Kadabra,Machoke,Graveler and Haunter – 3,000 coins NOTE:Trading said pokemon will still trigger evolution as a second option.
Lower Vendor
-Ekans(HG),Sandshrew(SS), – 800 coins
-Pikachu – 1,600 coins
-Dratini – 2,100 coins
-Porygon – 3,500 coins

Celedon City
-Mr.Mime – 3,333 coins
-Eevee – 6,666 coins
-Larvitar – 9,999 coins

Known Bugs:
-Pokedex map entries are not updated for the new wild pokemon locations.

Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition

Download Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition (Completed)
Download Pokemon Soul Silver Golden Edition Level Curve (Completed)

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