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Pokemon Omega Ruby Vietnamese

Name: Pokemon Omega Ruby
Developer(s): GameFreak
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS
Translated by: Devil Cat Team
Source or Discord’s link: https://discord.gg/gNW8Jmm

So this game is not a hack rom. It’s Vietnamese Project for Pokemon Omega Ruby. So It’s similar to Pokemon Omega Ruby and the best feature is the Vietnamese Language. That’s all. Hmm if you don’t know more about English. So you can play this game and know more about the storyline.

It’s so good and you can play on Nintendo 3ds hacked or Citra. I will provide the Discord for this game, so you can join in and ask if you need a support. I don’t translate this game so I can’t help more.
But I have some problem when I play this game. I spent more time to play Pokemon games. Maybe over 15 years but when I play this game, hmm yeah I can’t understand something maybe such as Item name, Move name, more and more … I don’t highly recommend if you played Pokemon games a long time. So it’s a good game.

CIA Version is for nintendo 3ds. I tested, It works!
About the version is for Nintendo 3ds, I highly recommend you come to Discord and download patch link. So I will try to patch CIA and upload soon!



Download Pokemon Omega Ruby Vietnamese Demo for Citra
Download Pokemon Omega Ruby Vietnamese Demo CIA

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