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Pokemon Leaf Yellow

Name: Pokemon Leaf Yellow
Remake by: PKMNTrainerGui
Source: click here!
Today, We will play Pokemon LeafYellow. It’s a GBA Rom and based on Pokemon Fire Red by PKMNTrainerGui.

So in this game, You are a New Trainer and come to a New Region is LeafYellow. It based on Brazil and in this game I’m so really excited when I hear the song from this game. The music is from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Some changing about the map but I so easily guess.. Hmm yeah but it’s good with a new storyline. The Starters are similar to Pokemon Gold and Silver. You can choose: Chikrita, Totodile and Cyndaquil. That’s All. hmm and I don’t like Day and Night System :)) but this game has it. haizz…

New history.
New characters.
Day and night system
New Trainer Sprites.
New scripts, events and secrets to discover.
New additional Pokemon.
Much more in the new betas.



Download Pokemon Leaf Yellow Beta 1.3

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