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Pokemon Camry Legend

Pokemon Camry Legend
Name: Pokemon Camry Legend
Created by: Gator Gamer
Source – credit: click here!
So in this game, we can have a new region is Camry Region. And some thing about Dragon Slayer :))) … hmm it’s similar to Fairy Tail… I think but Let’s Go.
You can receive Eevee and he will follow you! With some new features, You can have Advanced Pokedex, so you can see more information when you caught such as abilities, evolution, area or more… March Pizza and Zodiac Signs,,, hmm more and more. So You can quicksave in this game anytime by the way press “V”. More TMs and don’t have any HM in this game.

Yeah, I see this game is so good with the storyline. It’s so good but some problem when I played this game. I see the problem from NPC can change the level… hmm oh :)) that’s good but i’m so so surprised when I was playing this game. And I faced a bug, hmm yeah I remember a move from Spinarak!

Skilled Mode – Optional method of playing where enemy Pokémon are scaled depending on your team! Wild Pokémon are affected, too.
Grinding spot – A Trainer in Lucena Town can be battled once daily. With two Blissey, plenty of Exp. can be gained!
Mach Pizza – A pizza delivery service that will deliver HP-restoring pizza anywhere you are!
The Move Master – Can be called anywhere and can relearn moves, delete moves, and change nicknames!
Camry Help Desk – Can be called for $500. They will tell you where to go next or where you are currently at!
Advanced Pokédex – Will let you see all info on Pokémon you’ve caught, such as its Abilities, area, and evolution, and more!
Zodiac Signs – All Pokémon have Zodiac signs and special abilities associated with them!
Following Pokémon! Enjoy your journey with your buddy following you!
Master Trainers – After beating the main game, select Pokémon can be used to battle for Master Titles!
Quicksave – Quicksave the game anytime, quickly! The default key is ‘V’. Can be changed in the Options menu.
New TMs. HMs no longer exist. Previous HMs have been changed to TMs!

Pokemon Camry Legend

Download Pokemon Camry Legend v1.2 (Completed)

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