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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.1.5.7
Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0.1.7.3
Pokemon Sword v1.1.0 + Expansion Pass Pack 1 and 2
Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Vol.1 Beta 15.4

Pokemon Spirit Crystal

Pokemon Spirit Crystal
Name: Pokemon Spirit Crystal
Remake From: Pokemon Crystal
Remake by: Ebernacher90​
Source: Click here!
It’s a GBC Rom and based on Pokemon Crystal. Thanks Ebernacher90 for hacking and sending to me! So This game has a storyline similar to Pokemon Crystal .BUT, It has 252 Pokemon and Munchlax is pokemon number 252. You have running shoes and run inside buildings. Fairy type, yup but I don’t actually care about it :))) Safari Zones in pokemon Crystal and more and elder places from Pokemon Red into this game. So you can catch all Legendary Pokemon from 1 and 2 gen, Change Maps and some texts.

Munchlax as 252 Pokémon included
Running shoes
Fairy type
Power Plant 1F and 2F
Cerulean Cave 1F and 2F third F soon
Terminal Globale Outside and 1F
evolution moves included, all moves to gen 7 updated

Features for future

More Old Places
Changed Maps
Changed Texts
Changed Story
All Legendary from 1 and 2 gen catchable
All MenuIcons

v0. new version infinity reusable tms
New tileset Museum
And 2 Maps PewterMuseum1F and 2F
v0.1.7.2 Fixed:
Fixed a warp error in Pewter Museum 1F
Fixed White Screen by starting a new Game on 3DS and Android
Pokémon by trade evolve now by Level Up and by trade with item only with item like the evolve stones.
TM/HM not fixed yet He must search any more.
Maps changed, so you don’t need cut and surf. In the next update a new cave to go to the fifth badge, you don’t need surf then.
New cave not ready yet to go toward to cinnawood
Town Map included
And TM/HM bug fixed
New Items
Expanded Tilesets to 255 tiles
New map: Fantastic Idyll
New Song: Route 47
First, meet and battle with Team Aqua.
New Music SevenNationArmy
A little Bugfixes
And a little changes
New Version with a few fixes
Translated Pokemon names from English to German.
Updated Rapid Spin to gen 8 without effect (yet)
Fixed PewterMuseum1FRezeptionist
Fixed Expand to 255 tiles

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Spirit Crystal

Download Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0.1.7.3 (Beta)
Download Pokemon Spirit Crystal CIA v0.1.7.3 (Beta)

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