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Pokemon Gelb v0.
Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0.7.8.2
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Pokemon Spirit Crystal

Pokemon Spirit Crystal
Name: Pokemon Spirit Crystal
Remake From: Pokemon Crystal
Remake by: Ebernacher90​
Source: Click here!
It’s a GBC Rom and based on Pokemon Crystal. Thanks Ebernacher90 for hacking and sending to me! So This game has a storyline similar to Pokemon Crystal .BUT, It has 252 Pokemon and Munchlax is pokemon number 252. You have running shoes and run inside buildings. Fairy type, yup but I don’t actually care about it :))) Safari Zones in pokemon Crystal and more and elder places from Pokemon Red into this game. So you can catch all Legendary Pokemon from 1 and 2 gen, Change Maps and some texts.

Munchlax as 252 Pokémon included
Running shoes
Fairy type
Power Plant 1F and 2F
Cerulean Cave 1F and 2F third F soon
Terminal Globale Outside and 1F
evolution moves included, all moves to gen 7 updated

Features for future

More Old Places
Changed Maps
Changed Texts
Changed Story
All Legendary from 1 and 2 gen catchable
All MenuIcons

v0. new version infinty reusable tms
New tileset Museum
And 2 Maps PewterMuseum1F and 2F
v0.1.7.2 Fixed:
Fixed a warp error in Pewter Museum 1F
Fixed White Screen by starting a new Game on 3DS and Android
Pokémon by trade evolve now by Level Up and by trade with item only with item like the evolve stones.
TM/HM not fixed yet He must search anymore.
Maps changed, so you don’t need cut and surf. In the next update a new cave to go to the fifth bagde, you don’t need surf then.
New cave not ready yet to go toward to cinnawood
Town Map included
And TM/HM bug fixed
New Items
Expanded Tilesets to 255 tiles
New map: Fantastic Idyll
New Song: Route 47
First meet and battle with Team Aqua.
New Music SevenNationArmy
A little Bugfixes
And a little changes
New Version with a few fixes

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Spirit Crystal

Download Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0. (Beta)
Download Pokemon Spirit Crystal CIA v0. (Beta)

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