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Pokemon Ancient Sapphire

Pokemon Ancient Sapphire
Name: Pokemon Ancient Sapphire
Remake From: Pokemon Crystal
Remake by: Bloodless​
Source: Click here!
In this game, We can have Ruby and Sapphire’s storyline with 253 Pokemon, Running Shoes inside building, 60 FPS. The Stats based on Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and this game will have Dive and Rock Climb. And something is from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on this game. So maybe I don’t want to say any more about this game because if you played pokemon ruby or sapphire so you can know everything about this game. It’s similar.

Running shoes.
Priority tiles, allowing the player to walk under buildings/bridges!
60 FPS ported from Pokemon Orange (in turn ported from Pokemon Prism).
Hoenn dex plus extras found in battles or extra content from Emerald/ORAS. 253 Pokemon in total!
A complete devamped RS soundtrack.
Bonus content based on the e reader cards and ORAS.
Dive and Rock Climb.
Various Gen 2 bugfixes.
Stats based on RSE.
Basically if it’s in gen 3 it’s probably there, if it’s in gen 2 it’s almost definitely there, if it’s in gen 6 it might be there.

Pokemon Ancient Sapphire

Download Pokemon Ancient Sapphire Alpha 1.0

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