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Pokemon Ciano’s Quest

Pokemon Vulkansilber
Name: Pokemon Ciano’s Quest
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: PacoScarso
Translated by Pokemoner.com (MrTien Duc)
Discuss at: pokemoner.com/forum/d/137-pok-mon-vulkansilber-and-pok-mon-windows-world
This game is Italian and English!

The game is set one year after the events of Pokémon Scarso Edition .
During the summer break from ‘ dall’accademia di Seuld, Dirg & Daig take a vacation and return to Cianentopoli, where he lives their childhood friend, that is the protagonist of the game. One day Dirg receives a very special package from Malna , containing a copy of Pokémon Scarso Edition, as a thank you for contributing to its realization.
Dirg immediately wants to try it; then calls “Player” and Daig to reach him immediately at home to try the game. The two, although hesitant, enter the game along with Dirg, without the awareness of what would happen later.

– Accademia di Seuld: Prestigious academy for Pokémon trainers from the Seuld region. Dirg and Daig work here as an assistant to Zero, the school’s principal.
– Pokémon Scarso Edition: Game within which a year before was stuck Dirg along with other people because of Prof. Birbi. Once the criminal was defeated, the survivors decided to take control of the game and make it accessible to everyone, thus creating a meeting point for them and for many other people around the world.

– Moves, abilities and Pokémon up to the 6th generation
– New graphics (so people do not break)
– Mega Evolutions (even Pokémon that do not have it yet)
– There will not be 3 starters, but 3 starting teams (each made up of 3 Pokémon)
– Each initial team will have a Pokémon capable of mega Evolving
– There are neither gyms nor league
– New regional map

English Version 1: Translate All moves up to Gen 3 with English!

Pokemon Ciano's Quest

Download Pokemon Ciano’s Quest Beta 1 English Patched V1
Download Pokemon Ciano’s Quest Beta 1

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