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Pokemon Floral Tempus

Name: Pokemon Floral Tempus
Created by: Juno and Ice
Source – Credit: Click here!
Your story begins in the Rialtra Region. You and your two friends, Faye and Del, are finally able to leave the Greenleaf Orphanage and can begin your journey through the Rialtra Region. However the crime rate in Rialtra is rising rapidly, and the police cannot keep up. On your journey, you’ll meet Team Blight. Team Blight, a gang that works in the shadows, is causing havoc around Rialtra and is making the lives of civilians all around a living nightmare. Dark secrets hide beneath the soil of Rialtra. Will you be the one to uncover them?

The Rialtra Region: Explore an all new region!
Complete Original Story: An all new story tailored towards a more mature audience
B/W Repel System
Mega Evolution (New Mega’s as well)
Pokémon up to Generation 7
Fancy Badges (By: Luka-SJ)
Elite Battle Systems (By: Luka-SJ)
New Shiny Pokémon (Courtesy of Amethyst and The Reborn Team)
New Pokémon Forms
Custom Made Sprites
Modular Menu (By: Luka-SJ)
Increased Shiny Rate: Increased to a 1% chance!
Pokémon Rangers: You can join the Pokémon Rangers to earn rare items that wouldn’t be found anywhere else (Mega stones and such)
Level Balance: Gym leaders and important trainers are balanced to the level of your team!
Level Caps: Pokémon now stop gaining exp once you hit the level cap. Achieve new badges to raise the level cap!
Berry farming: Now you can plant, and harvest your own berries in berry patches all over Rialtra!

Episode 2.1.1: Up to Gym 4!



Download Pokemon Floral Tempus Episode 2.1.1

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