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Pokemon Mansion Mystery

Name: Pokemon Mansion Mystery
Remake by: Nachoius
Remake from: Pokemon FireRed
Translated by Pokemoner.com – MrTien Duc
Nachoius’s Channel: click here!
Source – credit: click here!
By recommendation of MORTI, GREEN has invited RED, to an adventure in a forgotten MANSION, when arriving there seems to be no clues of your rival, and your PIKACHU adventure companion suddenly enters. Your mission is to rescue both from that dark place.

– Itemfinder can now find ghosts as well as objects
– Scope Silph can be activated and deactivated to find hidden ghosts, allowing a vision in the shadows
– Scary Bar: If you get scared enough to fill the bar, you faint
– Magic potions with evocative effects

With English Patched: 90% Storyline and over 350 moves!

Remember to Change your emulator save type to Flash 128k!

Credit Arts:
Pikachu Halloween: Ry-Spirit
Haunted Mansion: arkeis-pokemon



Download Pokemon Mansion Mystery v4 Spanish (Mini Hack Completed)
Download Pokemon Mansion Mystery v4 English Patched(Mini Hack Completed)

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