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Pokemon Axis

Name: Pokemon Axis [RPGXP]
Created by: Mashirosakura
Source – Credit on Pokemon Axis: Click here!
You, the player, fall into a dream. There, you meet a man who calls himself Kanzan, a "Pokémon Professor". The dream state doesn't last very long and you soon wake up. It seems like it's going to be a normal day, but then the strangest thing happens: a door has appeared in the middle of the nearby glade! Walking through it, you find yourself going from our world to the Pokémon world.

Welcome to the Azarium region, where people are disappearing, Pokémon are attacking the local populace, and a sinister force called Team Void lurks in the shadows...but how are you involved in this? How are you meant to get home?

- Level caps based on number of badges (4/14 badges in v3 for cap of 40).
- Autosave button(F8) and fast forward button(F).
- Pokémon have Birthsigns that can grant various effects.
- A large selection of Pokémon to obtain.
- Z-Moves
- Mega Evolution (I Guess)



Download Pokemon Axis Demo v3 (Upto 4th Gym)

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