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Legends Tour

Name: Legends Tour
Created by: Legend Tour Team
Source – Credit at Legends Tour’s Page: https://www.facebook.com/ltpoke/
Legends Tour is a Online Game from Chinese but has english version and you can download and play with your friends! A magical continent with a variety of different pokemons living on. Classic combat system, 600 different pokemons, seventeen kinds of original properties, 100 kinds of original skills. You will compete with players from around the world, and will have opportunities to obtain the top ranking in the league competition! Have real-time battle with opponents, win and get all kinds of cool items, become the most powerful trainer!

Game features:
【Beyond yourself】
League competition regular opening every day, you can battle with other players in real time! Challenge the master in the Arena, improve your ranking and increase your combat effectiveness, win rich rewards!

【Continental adventure】
The game has hundreds of levels and various of instancings are looking forward to your challenge! There are more playing ways like planting pokemons, the world Boss, the village plunder waiting for your exploration!

【Unique play】
pokemon cultivation & summon, the decomposition of pokemon, equipments and materials. Battle in the Gold City, to help your guild boarded the top of the league!


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