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Pokemon Shinning Victory

Name: Pokemon Shinning Victory
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Deepak Maneshwer
Source: Update later!
Pokemon Shinning Victory is GBA Rom, based on Pokemon Fire Red, Hacked by Deepak Maneshwer. You will have a new journey on the region is similar kanto (now) with more feature! In the present, pokemon shinning victory is a alpha version now. It will be completed soon!

You are a 15 years old boy Max .you and your mother have just moved to a beautiful town name New town in victory region. You always want to go out and true Pokemon journey.one day the famous professor who lives near your homes wants to meet you. he knows your dream and thinks you are a talented boys so he gives 3 pokemons for you to choose. after meeting and receiving the pokedex and Pokemon from from the professor. you just thought to take a walk for a first route so you go to First route after reaching on first route what you see? your Rival is there and wants a battle with you. battle with him and defeated him. after beating him when you going to first city again what you see Victini is there.you know victini is a victory Pokemon. after seeing him you surprised and said is that victory and said wait but he gone away. when going to the victini where he was that place was empty.after seeing him you are so curious to know about him.why is Victini seeing you? why he is appeared? maybe Victini was seeing your battle.maybe he impressed from your battle. you must to explore it by making adventure and find the answer.

1.New region,new maps,New storyline
2.all pokemon from 1 to 7 gen
3.shinies chance 10%
4.mega evoultions
5.starter can be found in wild or in house
6 .whole map edited
7.new tilesets
8.New graphics
9.alola pokemon
10. Shiny pokemon
11.a little difficult
12.Z-Moves (it is similar to tm or hm)
13.alola pokemons
14. PSS System
15. EV/IV Viewer
16. Fairy Type

Changelog: Beta 1.1: Maybe All bugs fixed version!



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