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Pokemon Evil Dhelmise 2

Name: Pokemon Evil Dhelmise 2
Created by: Lord Lucario 35 (Fuzz)
Source – Credit on Lord Lucario 35’s Youtube Channel: youtube.com/channel/UC8j2MDppTXRbP5sq-3DDFSQ
Discussion at Pokemoner Forum: pokemoner.com/forum/d/98-pokemon-evil-dhelmise-2

this is the 2nd installment of the evil dhelmise series
Is put in the East side of the Alana region take 8 gyms and battle champ
You play as a boy or girl in this game who lives in sunset village
Darkamon starters
New region
New rivals and shadowfiend
More darkamon
Over 875 pokemon when finished
new dhelmise forms

This beta goes up to after beating the 3rd gym



Download Pokemon Evil Dhelmise 2 Demo