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Pokemon Empyrean

Name: Pokemon Empyrean
Created by: Stochastic
Source – Credit on Stochastic’s Youtube Channel: youtu.be/raHOAz9HfRg
Diccuss at Pokecommunity: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=411322

The story takes place in the Omuran Region, after the latest evil team, “Vordev Group” has been defeated by a Pokemon agent team
lead by your father, Hal. Although the Group was defeated, some of its core members escaped. Present day,
you and your father arrive in Selene Town for vacation, but soon, Hal is notified that the remains of the Group
were found, and he runs off. Unfortunately, things do not go well, and Hal is captured by the remnants of the Group,
that joined forces with a mysterious entity. Your quest will be twofold, to become the best Pokemon trainer, and to
rescue your father.

* 21 starters to choose from!
* Gen 1 to 7
* Mega evolutions!
* 4 player character options
* Speed-up option
* New Type: Light
* Stop wild trainer battles with PokeKata martial arts!
* Dream Candies and IV candies
* Nature changer
* New Eeveelution!
* Fight against super-strong mutant pokemon!
* Max level 120

~50% done
5 gyms
~12-15 hours of gameplay



Download Pokemon Empyrean v0.5.2