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Pokemon Mega Locke

Name: Pokemon Mega Locke
Remade from: Pokemon Fire Red
Remade by: PichacoBros
Source – Credit on PichacoBros’s Youtube Channel: youtu.be/3mt6UfUCW8M

Pokemon Mega Locke is a GBA Rom, based on Pokemon Fire Red and Hacked by PichacoBros. All Pokemon is changed into Mega Form.
Rules of the MEGALocke
-All the pokémon of ROM have MEGAEVOLUTIONED and have adapted types.
-Attaches, skills and randomized objects.
-As in all Nuzlocke if a Pokémon weakens it must be buried in the PC case and is considered dead.
-Only one of the first 2 Pokémon on the route can be captured. If you decide to escape from the first Pokémon you will have to go for the second Pokémon without any option. You can not have a Pokémon that already has the rival.
-Restrid the purchase of Potions to 2 per Pokémon Gym.
-Put all the Pokémon. The name will be chosen from the comments of the previous episode.

New Tiles
New Sprites
New Pokemon Sprites is Mega Form Sprites
151 Mega forms from 6 Gens
… more and more



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