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Pokemon Aster Violet [PC Game]

Pokemon Aster Violet [PC Game]
Name: Pokemon Aster Violet [PC Game]
Created by: Takako Rune
Source – Credit on Pokecommunity: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=409367
They take place in the isolated region of Koris which is based on the north atlantic island nation of Iceland.
The main character sets out to challenge the 8 gyms in the region and soon runs into the misguided Team Sulphur.

*Synthetic evolution stones – unlimited uses
*Return stone – de-evolve any Pokémon
*Meet an evil organisation – Team Sulphur
*Battle 8 gyms, elite four, and champion
*12 towns and cities; and many other areas
*A selection of Pokémon from all generations
*Mystery Gift
*New Eeveelutions (no other fakemon)
*Post game content – Battle tower, university, etc. and quests
*Version exclusive Pokémon
*Aster Violet has a somewhat more content

Completed. However feedback is needed to test level balance throughout the games.
In case others want to tweak the game the .rxproj file is included in the download.

Helpful documentation:
List of Pokémon
List of Items
Region Map (ableit outdated)

Pokemon Aster Violet [PC Game]

Download Pokemon Aster Violet v1.3.1 Completed
Download Pokemon Iris Purple v1.3 Completed
Download Pokemon Rose Pink v1.3 Completed