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Mega Moemon FireRed

Mega Moemon FireRed
Name: Mega Moemon FireRed
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Septentrion
Source – Credit on Pokemmo: forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/71562-ips-mega-moemon-firered-2018-110/
discuss at Pokecommunity: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=409268
This is the most advance moemon Rom. It is specially curated to showcase the highest quality moemon sprites that exist while posing some gameplay challenges. There are many changed aspects include full gameplay changes such as Fairy typing, double encounters, and MEGA EVOLUTION. It currently includes about 300 moemon from 5 generations with curated encounters and battles.

There is no story change, but gameplay has been heavily adjusted to present a challenge.
The current version allows the mega-evolution of Latias, Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur. Megastones and the Mega-Braclet can be bought in Cerulean City’s Pokemart. National Dex is in Pewter City Pokemon Center. Sun stones and Moons stones are bought there as well for impossible evolutions.

1) Old Rod has been made inaccessible due to a major glitch
2) Mega evolution does not work for double battles. This doesn’t work for link battles either.
3) Sorting by nation dex causes crash.
4) Flash as a field move is white text.
5) False Swipe and Brick Break does not work as intend. They have been replaced.
6) Minor pokedex glitches for post-heonn moemon captures and other text errors.

How to Mega Evolve:
1: Have a Mega Bracelet in your inventory
2. Give the Moemon the correct mega-stone
3. In battle select Attack, then press Start(whatever your key is)
4. Use a move.

This game is completed with the story same Fire Red Story.
More Moemon and Mega Moemon will add in the next version!

Mega Moemon FireRed

Cheat Code:
Mega Moemon FireRed Cheat Code – GameShark + Code Break Code
Download Mega Moemon FireRed v1.1.2