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Pokemon GemStone

Pokemon Gem Stone
Name: Pokemon Gem Stone
Create by: Charizardthree
Source: https://reliccastle-dot-com/threads/1051/

Journey through the Gemstone region as a new trainer straight out of trainer school.
You must travel through the Gemstone region to collect the 8 gym badges and become the league champion.

The main point of Gemstone is to actually prove a challenge in terms of Gyms, Rivals & Elite 4 battles.

– Edited 3rd Generation Tileset
– New Moves and also moves that have featured from later generations
– 2 Rivals
– 8 Gym Leaders and Elite 4
– New Gym Leaders
– New evolution methods for trade Pokemon
– Follow Pokemon Feature
– Selection of existing Pokemon from all generations including generation 7
– Fairy type included.
– Mega Evolution
– No Evil Team
– New Movepools + Stats for some older Pokemon

Pokemon GemStone is now complete,

Pokemon Gem Stone

Download Pokemon Gem Stone Completed