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Pokemon Electro Ball

Pokemon Electro Ball
Name: Pokemon Electro Ball
Remake from: Pokemon FireRed version
Remake by: FAARSAL
Source: Click here!

You are a boy of 12 years & it’s not your birthday(It’s a usual day ofcourse )
A new Pokemon professor has moved your town from Kanto Region( Yeah, it’s OAK) but he has
brought some problems with him. Since his arrival, a Legendery Pokemon from Unova Region
has started to appear in the region. One day he calls you and ask you to bring some special information
from his friend in other town. From this time you keep bumping into Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum &
some other anime stars to fullfill the task Oak assinged you.

*New Region
*New Graphics
*New Tiles
*New Pokemon ( From All Gen 1-6)
*New Story
*Physical/Special/Status Split
*New Moves
*New Overworlds
*Choose from Four Starters(All from Sinnoh)
*Updated Pokemon Sprites
*Travel with Ash & Brock
*Pokemon League Tournament (Like Anime because Elite Four are quiet bad)
*New Characters & Rivals
*Decaptilization( The Rom won’t SHOUT on you )

Pokemon Electro Ball

Download Pokemon Electro Ball Alpha 1

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