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Pokemon Black Advanced

Pokemon Black Advanced
Name: Pokemon Black Advanced
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red version
Remake by: Vytron
Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=404509
Vytron’s Channel: youtube.com/channel/UC7_hBh5qbeq1ALiPKCruBpg
This is a GBA remake of the original Gen V Pokemon Games.
(Pokemon Black&White)

This remake will have the same story from Pokemon Black&White but will take elements from Black 2&White 2 and other Pokemon games to be more colorful and unique.
Also some basic elements of the plot will be different.(For example you’ll have only one rival depending on which version you play)

Black&White soundtrack
Black&White graphic (Tileset[s])
Gen V styled OW sprites
Gen V trainer sprites
Pokemon from Gen 4-6-7 (and 5 of course :P)
Expanded Pokedex
New Pokemon have their own cries
PSS split
Fairy Type
Moves,Items,Abilities from Gen IV,V, and maybe VI
Mega Evolution (Not usable in the Demo but the stones are in the game’s item list)
Colored stats depending on Nature
TMs are reuseable
EXP after capturing a Pokemon
Poison Revival
B&W repel system
B&W styled Pokemon Summary Screen
Day-Night system (Depend on you device’s clock&Emulator you are using!)
New intro!(Background/Sprites)

Small collision errors
Rival OW sprite in the INTRO is messed up

Pokemon Black Advanced

Download Pokemon Black Advanced Demo Version v1