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Pokemon Universe Across Time and Space

Pokemon Universe Across Time and Space
Name: Pokemon Universe Across Time and Space
Create by: buttjuice - 97 Studio
97 Studio Website: http://97s-studio.xyz/
Pokemon Universe Across Time and Space's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3-uzqnoSvKxvo9o5FOt8w
Your dream is to be a Pokemon Master, and your cousin Tucana (when you play as Male character)
or Scutum (when you play as a Female character) wants to be the Pokemon Collectors.
As both of you reach the age of 18, you apply for Senzo Championship.
Your rival Ursa applies for Senzo Championship.

Therefore, you three are going to start your own adventure...

New Variant Pokemon (Black Blood Mode Pokemon)
New Regional Pokedex
Full Custom Region with 30+ cities and towns (Senzo Region)
12 Gyms + 4 Pokemon Trials + Senzo Championship
New Evil Team and few organizations
Many in-game Puzzles
Cool User Visual Interface
New Background Music
Pokemon World Tournament
Side Quests System
And more to come...

And now, Pokemon Universe v1.1.0 (In-game Update to 1.1.4)

The message from the creator:
Hey, @everyone!
Causing something happened, Project Universe will be stopped developing for few years.
But, we will be back, don't worry.
It is pretty sad to said it, but thanks for all your help and support.
Let's meet in next Universe! Bye!

P/s: The Link is fixed! - Mar 6, 2020

Pokemon Universe Across Time and Space

Download Pokemon Universe Across Time and Space Demo v1.1.0