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Pokemon Ashes

Name: Pokemon Ashes
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: MKSSB
Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=239381

You’re a boy/girl who returned to your natal town, a little town called Pallet Town. You returned because you received a message from Professor Oak, the message has a ticket for the SS Ocean. When you arrived, your rival, Gary was waiting right there for you, because Professor Oak told him to wait for you. Some minutes later, after the battle you got into Professor Oak’s Lab, he told you what’s happening on Zotoxu region and he gave you the Zotoxu Ticket for the SS Zotoxu, he told you that your uncle Nacho is waiting for you, he has a the most recent version of the Pokénav and not only that, he received another message from a Pokémon researcher named Ako who is investigating some natural disasters that are happening in Zotoxu, now you must visit your uncle Nacho in Llovizburg Port and you must visit Ako in Route 0.01 too. Some hours later, you arrived to Llovizburg Port (Puerto Llovizna in Spanish), you went to your uncle Nacho’s house, but then, the Team Tranza atacked! Why did they atacked?…
To be continued…

A New region: Zotoxu!
New music!
New characters!
Old and new friends, rivals and enemies!
New graphics and tilesets!
Day & Night system!
Some Pokémon have their anime voices! For example, Pikachu says “Pikaa!!”!
Pokémon from other generations!
A new adventure!

Note: The Beta 1.1 ends when you beat the second leader.



Download Pokemon Ashes Beta 1.1

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