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Pokemon Rose Gold

Name: Pokemon Rose Gold [Pc Game]
Create by: Atomic Reactor + Relic Castles Jam
Source: reliccastle.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1070
Playing from the perspective of Red, adventure around a new small area around Mt.Silver. Following the events of FireRed and LeafGreen several years later, Red stays up in the Tohjo region to train his beloved team. Use his long time companions to face tough foes and legendary creatures in this short journey through the Tohjo Region. Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours of gameplay.

This game was made just over the span of a month for Relic Castles 2016 Game Jam. There are a few things I would have liked to improve, but alas, here we are, at the deadline. Other than the things I’d fix or add, I think it turned out to be a pretty solid project, and I hope you all enjoy it.

-The game ends after you battle the last boss on the top of Mt.Silver. But, a few more events open up after that if you want to go find them (3 legendaries and 2 battles).
-I’d suggest playing with battle animation off. I didn’t make any for this game, so it’s all mediocre stock animations, plus the battles are faster with them off.
-I’d suggest playing with Shift style set to off for added challenge.
-Most bugs have been fixed (other than graphic glitches in the battle system) but please report any you find!
-Check your PC at the beginning of the game.



Download Pokemon Rose Gold [Completed]

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