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Pokemon Flame – Fakemon

Pokemon Flame - Fakemon
Name: Pokemon Flame – Fakemon
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: BOH
Source: Click here!
Features of the rom:

98 new and fakemon created by users (in credits) : Shiny:
New icons that indicate the type of fakemon : Shiny:
definitions pokedex changed for all fakemon : Shiny:
Introduction modified (version image) : Shiny:
Several texts changed in all of Roma : Shiny:
‘s father became aunt : Shiny:
the protagonist arrives by bus and not in cammion : Shiny:
Change the following maps: Petalburg, Mauville, Rustboro, Mosdeep, Littleroot, Oldale, Lavaridge, Fallarbor, Verdanturf, routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 117, 118, 125, Fiery Path, Shoal Cave, the pullamn Internal
Modified city names, paths, places and gym leader : Shiny:
Modified pokemon trainers and gym leader : Shiny:
Change sprite and minisprite gym leader : Shiny:
Modified wild pokemon (will only appear fake) : Shiny:
Added user roles Flame : Shiny:

For convenience:

Because the fake are not all third generation, to have the full Pokedex will need to enter this code:

master code:
10000578 0007
00007689 000A
national Pokedex:
82026B00 0302
32026A5A 0067
32024EBE 00DA

then go on pokedex sciacciate select and make changes, choose national and deactivate codes.


The legendary disappear only after leaving the scale of the area, but challenged once you can not challenge them + the same.

Maybe some pokemon trainer will use third-generation and not fake, but very rare.

Maybe some tiny pixels in some fake, but almost invisible.
Pokemon Flame - Fakemon

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