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Pokemon Cintrine

Pokemon Cintrine
Name: Pokemon Cintrine
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: Poke_a_Dialga
Source at Pokemon Cintrine’s page: Click Here!
Youtube Channel: Click here!
5 years ago, lugia was controled by a dark mage making it transform into dark lugia. The only pokemon that can stop it is gold’s ho-oh. However, gold won’t be quick enough to reach hoenn because he is exploring kanto at that moment, so brendan and anabel has to stop this event from happening, when brendan was gone, team magma and team aqua’s leader-archie and maxie start to cause problems. This time round maxi and archie manage to awaken groudon and kyogre properly. Maxie want to the fire cave while archie want to hydra cave located at the north of johto. It is also where dark lugia was living. Brendan and anabel tried to stop dark lugia. however, they have to face to lake of rage and surf to grass cave. Gold’s Ho-oh versed dark lugia with full power causing a huge explosion. The battle also affected groudon and kyogra which made them lose control of their power. Magma and water filled the air. Combining the power with the explosion, it formed a brand new region munder. The first person ever that stepped onto this new region was the great champion’s father. There is a lot of peace in this region. There are no evil gangs, 2 years after trainy became champion, you decidede to beat him. This is when your adventure begins.

New fakemons
New tiles
DP Legends
New legendaries
Can go to Johto’s mahogany town
can go to sinnoh
can go to koran
new sprites
new gym leaders
new elite 4

Pokemon Cintrine

Pokemon Pokemon Cintrine Completed (ver 1.051)

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