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Pokemon Grape

Pokemon Grape

Name: Pokemon Grape
Remake From: Pokemon Red
Remake by: 80C
This is a hack ROM based on Pokemon Red (USA), the author is 80C, this is his first hack ROM.
Pokemon Grape’s development began in 2012, it had 3 Demo releases, Demo 1 and Demo 2 were released during 2013 while Demo 3 was released on Christmas 2014.
Each Demo release featured huge differences and improvements.

This is a Total Overhaul hack that changed drastically the original game almost beyond recognition and it features advanced Assembly Features – most of them have been implemented for the first time in a Gen1 Hack ROM like Physical-Special split attack, new evolution methods etc etc etc.
Later Gen1 hacks were influenced by this hack as their authors affirmed in various occasions.

Many events of the game are similar to the events that occur in Pokemon red (although in a different order) but those similarities will be explained later in the game’s storyline.
The hack is pretty hard, especially at the beginning of the game, and the gameplay experience offers way more hours of gameplay than the original Red Version.

This is the last hack that has been realized with obsolete methods like hex editing etc.
Many fans considered this hack the “spiritual successor” of Gen1 hacks like Pokemon Brown and Pokemon Team Rocket Edition.

Actually Pokemon Grape is widely considered by both critics and fans around the world one of the best Gen1 hack ever made, it won several prizes during these years, the last Demo received critical acclaim.

The hack is about to be ended but there are still a lot of details to be adjusted for the Final v1.0.

Frejo, 1999
There’s a controversy regarding the ownership of the Pokemon League Zone between the Leaders of two distant Regions, the Region of Frejo and the Region of Kelgo, and these two regions are about to declare war to each other.
Fortunately, the two Leaders agree on starting a Competition for deciding the ultimate ownership of the Pokemon League, each one of them picks a rookie trainer as their contender.
The first contender that gains the 8 Badges of the Region of Frejo and successfully defeats the Elite4 and the League Champion will acquire the Pokemon League.
Unfortunately, before the competition can actually start, some bad guys, allegedly some surviving members of Team Rocket tha fled from Kanto, destroy the Pokemon Database of the Pokemon League and PokeDex data is now missing and it’s a huge problem due to economic stuff we aren’t supposed to comprehend.

So… the following day you’re supposed to gain control of your Player Character, the Contender chosen by the Leadership of the Region of Kelgo, a sort-of famous teenager baseball player called Marquis but simply known as insert your favorite nickname here.
We don’t know anything about him… details about his past life, relationship, daily activities et cetera will come up at any time during the adventure, but one thing is certain: he’s not mute and he isn’t supposed to look like the generic Pokemon Characters you use to imperson.

Actually there’s also a psychopath teenager with suicidal tendencies called Paul, you can’t rename him at the start of the game simply because he and Pokemon Anime’s Paul are the same person, and he’s the other contender, he’s a Pokemon maniac and he doesn’t think twice in letting his weakest pokemon die slowly after being injured… this awesome person is supposed to be your rival.

Also, there’s an unknown Pokemon professor put at the last minute, for good measure, by the Pokemon League: Professor Iroquois Stanley Bek a.k.a. IS Bek, allegedly Samuel Oak’s cousin.
This weird-looking professor is supposed to give the contenders an extra task: complete the Pokedex in order to restore the lost Pokemon Database data simply by collecting every Pokemon specie during their quest.
This is a task that you can either ignore or accomplish, in any case this will decide your ending (aka Good Ending vs Bad Ending).

The winner takes all.
But, seriously, is this supposed to be yet another Pokemon Red hack with the SAME background stuff like Evil Teams, powerful legendaries, secrets, unlockables, rivals and fat guys that love technology?
Why there’s STILL Team Rocket behind this (this time without Giovanni)?
And who is “Kifflom” and its “Epsilon Program” and what it has to do with Team Rocket and all of this?
There’s really a secret underground passage under Megan City’s Museum?
Is this Hack ROM such good?
There are really OVER 240 Pokemon species??

Well, at this point I suggest you to find the answers by yourself by playing the game.

Demo 3.1 ends after you beat 7 GYMs, obtain 6 Badges and reach Silten City’s Train Station, 60% of the Final Game


A completely new Region, Frejo, bigger and better than Kanto, you can travel along Frejo and in parts of other two regions, Kelgo and Altek;
Very Improved graphics, there are completely new devamped sprites for each pokemon species and very detailed tilesets;
Over 240 different Pokemon Species including Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos along with 2 new Fakemon;
10 Extra types: Steel, Dark, Fairy, Atom, Wood, Wind, Gas, Sound, Light and Bone!
70 extra new Moves, including moves that use the new types (at least 3 damage dealing moves for each new type);
Extra intro screens before the standard introduction.
PhysicalSpecial Split attack – this has been the first gen 1 hack rom with such implementation;
New evolution methods adapted from further generation along with new methods of evolution – once again this has been the first gen1 hack rom with such implementation;
Custom OverWorlds in the Pokemon menu, one for each pokemon species – uses a different ASM routine from Pokemon Maize and T.R.E. 2;
Holdable Items – available in Final Version – once again this has been the first gen1 hack rom with such implementation;
Shiny Pokemon – available in Final Version;
EXP Bar like in Gen2+ – Thanks to Danny-E 33 for the original asm routine that I later fixed by myself since the original one was glitched.
Ice Sliding Mechanics from Gen2 Games;
Animated Waterfall mechanics like in Gen2 Games – once again me first!
Move Deleter (like in Gen2+ Games) – available in Final Version;
Dive Mechanics (working differently form Pokemon Maize) – available in Final Version;
Mining System (like in Gen4 Games) – available in Final Version;
Damage Counter during battles in Final Fantasy-fashion!
New Objects implemented, many of them have even new functions (like the Lighter), some of them are required for evolutions or in-game mechanics – me first once again (I wrote the tutorial that made this possible in other hacks);
Running Shoes System + Kart Boost x4 System- actually working differently from Pokemon Brown 2014 with a Different ASM – and it doesn’t speed while surfing;
Kart instead of Bike;
More Fly-able, bike-able, dig-able and teleport-able ambients – me first once again;
Medical Kits systems: somewhere in Frejo you can use those lying bags to restore your Pokemon;
Traps of various nature in certain dungeons and other places;
Post-League quests;
Coloured and Shaded Text Font, during battles it isn’t coloured – available in Final Version;
SideScrolling areas Legend Of Zelda-fashion, there are various sidescrollign areas of different ambients;
Secrets, Puzzles, Mysteries to solve and an Item-trading sequence Legend Of Zelda-fashion;
Compatibility with Gen1 and Gen2 games (somehow);
Nuzlocke-Mode System – available in Final Version;
The three legendary dogs running around the Region after a certain event – available in Final Version;
Mew under the truck at the Port, along with a custom event involving the truck – available in Final Version;
And more…


Minor bugs (don’t affect gameplaymechanics):
*Many Pokemon can learn X-Scissor even if they’re not supposed to do so.
This will be fixed in the final release;
*Gen3 and Gen5 Pokemon don’t have a MiniOW icon in the party pokemon.
The icons will be realized and put in the final version;
*3 Pokemon (gastly, Magnemite & Doduo) have glitched backpics.
This problem was already fixed for the Final release, I’m very sorry about that, add manually 499 compressed pics is really frustrating and boring…

*Sometimes Rustel City’s music pitch changes slightly if you re-enter the area. I found this funny and I left it in the game. Yes, the song is “California Gurls” by Katie Perry and Snoop Dogg, thanks to AshAndMisty aka Red for the catchy tune;

Fixed Bugs originally present in Pokemon Red Version:
*Focus Energy and Dire Hit are no longer glitched
*No more glitchy east-coast tile that spawns weird wild pokemon (aka no MissingNo glitch);
*No ElixierEther glitch in case you raise PPs with a PP-Up;
*After using Transform the palette color will be corrected as soon as you either look at the party pokemon or wait a few turns;
*No Glitch City 😛
*No Cycling Road Block skipping 😛
*You can’t anymore do fishing in the GYM statues;
*ALL moves have been updated up to Gen6 games, Blizzard has 30% of freezing chance like in the original japanese versions;
*Solved the so-called “Save Game Oversight” bug involving the Cycling Road;
*A lot of other minor fixes that actually I don’t remember at the moment;


Pokemon Grape


Pokemon Grape Demo 3.1

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