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Nameless FireRed Project

Nameless FireRed Project

Name: Nameless FireRed Project
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: azurile13

- Physical/Special Split which is essentially a requirement nowadays, right?
- Gen IV - VI Attacks, Abilities, and Items (thank MrDollSteak for almost all of these)
- Mega Evolutions
- Removed those badge stat boosts because they aren’t at all fair

- Expanded dex, every non-legendary Pokemon obtainable in some way
- Proper forms for Pokemon like Kyurem, Arceus, Burmy, and even Unown
- Hidden abilities along with a conscientious distribution of crazy ones like Ninetales’
- ORAS level-up movesets, except for non-existent moves
- 120 TMs

- Added Pokemon generation methods saves Kanto from feeling crowded - Hidden Grottos, pedometer-based Honey Trees, Swarms
- Field effects for abilities such as Synchronize, Magnet Pull, Cute Charm, Compound Eyes, Flame Body, and the other abilities that you don’t care about yet I added for completeness sake
- Dynamic dex areas to indicate swarms, roaming, and other stuff
- For lack of a better description, “wild triggers” such as babies automagically have 3 perfect IV
- Updated non-berry oriented Pickup table
- A very cheap phone system - I haven’t decided how I want to handle this yet, so it currently exists only for the essentials

- Two Day-cares (and I don’t mean that dude south of Cerulean City)
- “Phone” notifications when the Day-Care Man finds an egg
- Destiny Knot, Power items, 100% Everstone, 80% slotted ability inheritance, pokeball inheritance, and all those other future gen niceties
- Move tutors & TMs can both be inherited from either parent; this is mostly because many of the better TMs and tutors cannot be accessed until the late game
- Lamarckism

- Use TMs an infinite number of times
- Minor trolling (you may not even notice)
- Gigantic pockets
- Oval Charm, Shiny Charm
- Shiny rates match the (presumed) Gen VI rate
- You are not required to grind to beat the game
- You cannot run indoors
- Random words in the game ARE CapITALIZED. They add CHARACTER to NPCs. They’re 100% intentional, but tell me if you find them 😀


Nameless FireRed Project


Nameless FireRed Project v1.02

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