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Pokemon Red ++

Pokemon Red ++

Name: Pokemon Red ++
Remake From: Pokemon Red
Remake by: Mateo
Gender selection
“Normal” version and “Hard” version. Different level curve, trainer teams, and AI
New “Smart AI”, used by Boss trainers in Normal Patch, and all trainers in Hard Patch
A lot of bugs/oddities from Gen 1 have been fixed
A few new areas added to Kanto, such as Faraway Island
Running shoes, faster Surf speed, faster bike
Physical/Special/Status split from Gen IV+
Animated EXP Bar in battle
Pokéball icon in wild battles to indicate a Pokémon species has been caught before
Pokémon have genders (same ratios as canon games)
Shiny Pokemon
Breeding at the Day Care (currently with the Day Care Man’s Ditto)
Dark, Steel, & Fairy types
All later-gen evolutions and baby versions of the original 151 included, plus some others
New evolution methods added for the new Pokémon
All Pokémon obtainable without having to trade
Several attacks from the newer games added
Almost all attacks updated to their Gen 6 effect, power, etc.
Type strength/weakness table updated to Gen 6
Completely updated move pools for all Pokémon, based on XY/ORAS (but not exact)
New trainer classes added that were missing from Gen 1
Trainers have unique names, such as “LASS CONNIE” instead of simply “LASS”
Offline clone of Wonder Trade, available in every PokéCenter once you have a PokéDex
Gen 6 style EXP Gain and EXP Share (Not given at the start of the game)
BW2 Repel System
Chain Fishing for Shinies
Pack holds 30 items instead of 20
HM Moves usable without having to go into the party menu
Headbutt usable on the overworld, like in GSC and HGSS
Flash is now a TM instead of an HM
Item descriptions in Pack and Mart menus
Berry Trees, working off a step counter
Some trainers may have Shiny Pokémon, or stronger Pokémon than others in that class
In-Game Trade Pokémon have unique OT Names, not just “TRAINER”
Move Deleter
Move Relearner
Move Tutors

Bugfixes from Vanilla Red
Fixes include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:
Frozen Pokémon have a chance to thaw on their own
Waking up does not waste your entire turn
Focus Energy actually increases Crit chance as intended
Critical Hit code ported from Crystal, they are no longer based on Speed at all
Removed Missingno glitch
NPC does not make impossible claims about Raichu evolving
Counter can hit any Physical attack, not any Normal or Fighting attack
Fixed-Damage moves like Dragon Rage no longer ignore type immunity
Swift can no longer hit during the “invulnerable” turn of Fly or Dig
No more “Gen 1 Missing” with 100% Accuracy attacks
Pokémon do not skip learning a move if they gained enough EXP to skip over that level
Pokémon can learn more than one move per level-up if they are supposed to
Old Rod can catch more than just Magikarp
Item evolutions should not accidentally happen via level-up
Struggle is now ???-Type instead of Normal-Type, so nothing is immune to it
Player turns to face enemy trainers, like in every game that isn’t Red or FireRed
Fainting a Pokémon or breaking a Substitute doesn’t stop Hyper Beam from needing to recharge
Breaking a Substitute doesn’t stop Selfdestruct/Explosion from fainting the user

Evolutions for the new Pokemon:
– Golbat -> Crobat = Moon Stone
– Gloom -> Bellossom = Sun Stone
– Poliwhirl -> Politoed = Moon Stone
– Kadabra -> Alakazam = Moon Stone
– Machoke -> Machamp = lv40
– Graveler -> Golem = lv40
– Slowpoke -> Slowking = Moon Stone
– Magneton -> Magnexone = Level-up inside the Power Plant
– Haunter -> Gengar = Moon Stone
– Onix – > Steelix = Level-up while knowing Iron Tail
– Lickitung -> Lickilicky = Level-up while knowing Ancient Power
– Rhydon -> Rhyperior = Level-up while knowing Ancient Power
– Chansey -> Blissey = Sun Stone
– Tangela -> Tangrowth = Level-up while knowing Ancient Power
– Seadra -> Kindgra = Water Stone
– Scyther -> Scizor = Level-up while knowing Metal Claw
– Electabuzz -> Electivire = Level-up inside the Power Plant
– Magmar -> Magmortar = Level-up inside Cinnabar Mansion
– Eevee -> Umbreon = Moon Stone
– Eevee -> Espeon = Sun Stone
– Eevee -> Leafeon = Level-up inside Viridian Forest
– Eevee -> Glaceon = Level-up in basement basement of Seafoam Islands (The floor with Articuno)
– Eevee -> Sylveon = Level-up at Mt. Moon Square
– Porygon -> Porygon2 = Thunder Stone
– Porygon2 -> PorygonZ = Level-up inside Power Plant
– Murkrow -> Honchkrow = Moon Stone
– Togepi -> Togetic = lv15
– Togetic -> Togekiss = Sun Stone
– Sneasel -> Weavile = Moon Stone
– Misdreavus -> Mismagius = Moon Stone
– Tyrogue -> Hitmonlee = Lv20 with Attack higher than Defense
– Tyrogue -> Hitmonchan = Lv20 with Defense higher than Attack
– Tyrogue -> Hitmontop = Lv20 with Attack and Defense Equal
– Chinchou -> Lanturn = Lv27
– Slugma -> Magcargo = Lv38
– Pichu -> Pikachu = Lv10
– Cleffa -> Clefairy = Lv10
– Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff = Lv10
– Smoochum -> Jynx = Lv30
– Elekid -> Electabuzz = Lv30
– Magby -> Magmar = Lv30
– Mime Jr -> Mr.Mime = Level-up while knowing Mimic
– Happiny -> CHansey = Lv10
– Munchlax -> Snorlax = Lv15

Pokemon Red ++


Pokemon Red ++ Normal 2.4
Pokemon Red ++ Hard 2.4

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