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Pokemon Emerald Z

Pokemon Emerald Z

Name: Pokemon Emerald Z
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Absol 89
Charizard was a hard “Mega” to implement. Mostly because it has two versions, each with their own role, typing and stats. I decided to go with the middle ground, where the player chooses weakness through the ability. You get the Charizard X stats and typing, but can choose between the Drought and Levitate abilities. Either you will be weak to ground, or you will be weaker against water. There’s also “legendary” dragons of each dual type now!

Normal Dragon – Dragonite (thick fat or levitate)
Fire Dragon – Charizard (levitate or drought)
Water Dragon – Feraligatr (swift swim or rough skin)
Grass Dragon – Sceptile (lightningrod or hyper cutter)
Ice Dragon – Lapras (water absorb or shell armor)
Electric Dragon – Ampharos (volt absorb or static)
Fighting Dragon – Hariyama (thick fat or guts)
Poison Dragon – Kingdra (swift swim or natural cure)
Ground Dragon – Onix (huge power or lightningrod)
Flying Dragon – Rayquaza (air lock)
Psychic Dragon – Lugia (levitate)
Bug Dragon – Scyther (limber or hyper cutter)
Rock Dragon – Flygon (levitate or sand stream)
Ghost Dragon – Altaria (levitate or own tempo)
Dark Dragon – Salamence (intimidate)
Steel Dragon – Steelix (rock head or lightningrod)
01-Pokemon Emerald-Z

Many players find beginner route encounters boring, sometimes not even worth catching. In Pokémon Emerald-Z you will face more interesting and diverse monsters in your early adventures. A Pokémon like Nidoqueen will provide you with the unique Ice/Poison typing once you find your first Moon Stone. Or you can try your luck with the impressive Fearow who gets the Flying/Fighting typing! There’s usually a defensive or offensive ability choice. You rivals will also choose different starters in this hack, which can get pretty interesting!

Pokemon Emerald Z

Pokemon Emerald Z 3.3 (Final)

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