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Moemon Heart Gold

Moemon Heart Gold

Name: Moemon Heart Gold
Remake From: Pokemon Heart Gold
Remake by: K0suk3 (Simon)

- geodude DONE
- pachirisu DONE
- ekans DONE
- sandshrew DONE
- sandslash DONE
- slugma DONE
- magcargo DONE
- dunsparce DONE? -eelektross-
- bronzor DONE
- bronzong DONE
- chingling DONE
- chimecho DONE
- ledyba DONE
- ledyan DONE
- makuhita DONE
- hariyama DONE
- nincada DONE
- ninjask DONE?
- shedinja DONE?

Also: Credit to numerous Japanese sprite artists, BakaSchwarz, RacheLucario, McMagister, DiaryProduct, Eggplant and other spriters and updaters.
because theyre the ones working in the original moemon project...

Pokemon Moemon Heart Gold 1.2

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